Addict Range

An obsessive selection of wickedly decadent Egg free, chocolate and intense coffee, sinfully irresistible!

Variety of Cappuccino flavours

From Cappuccino Crunch to well, Cappuccino, Espresso
and instant coffee combine with creamy goodness
to make your cuppa cool and...well, creamy!


Chocolate 'n' Almonds

Roasted almonds are stirred into our signature Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.

Roasted Almonds


Decadent Chocolate 

Dark chocolate makes it deeply rich and decadently chocolatey.


Double Chocolate-Chips 

The "Double" here describes the double dose of chocolate chips!  Both dark AND white

chocolate chips are mixed into our signature ADDICT chocolate ice Cream.


Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Delectable chocolate brownie pieces stirred into our signature Chocolate Ice Cream.


Chocolate Fruit and Nut 

Fruit and nut pieces stirred into our signature Chocolate Ice Cream.


Chocolate and Orange

A hint of orange stirred into our signature Chocolate Ice Cream a wonderful combination.

Nutty Chocolate

Mad about nuts and chocolate, well this might just be the one for you.



Hazelnut paste is blended into flavour our signature ice

cream while bits of Hazelnuts let you enjoy the nutty crunch!



Hazelnut paste blended with dark chocolate to create a Hazelnut

Chocolate ice cream, with bits of hazelnut mixed in for fun and flavour.


Mocha Almond Fudge 

Dark chocolate and espresso are blended to make the creamy ice cream, then

homemade chocolate fudge sauce is marbled throughout with bits of almond.


Pistachio & Almond 

Pistachio and almonds are blended into a paste and then mixed into

flavour this smooth ice cream.  No crunchy bits here, just nutty flavour.



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Collection price: Rs 900/-

500ml tubs

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1 tub 500ml or 3 x 150ml tubs

CREME,- ADDICT.- CHILL OUT (elusive Frozen Yogurt range) - GUILT-FREE*

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