After Dark Range

The After Dark Range is produced and processed separately, though it is still suitable for vegetarians, it
is made with liqueur flavouring, so is not suitable for children or those seeking Halal ice cream.

Dark Amarena Cherry 

Cherry-licious liqueur made creamy.


Chocolate & Cherry 

Cherry-licious liqueur coupled with delightful chocolate. *Egg Free


Irish Crème 

Irish Crème is a well known and loved after dinner drink.

It's creamy and smooth, and so is our version.


Malaga Raisin Crème

Malaga is in Spain. And everyone knows the Raisins in Spain stay mainly on the plane! We mix in cream and something special too.


Russian Chocolate Sorbet 

The Russian part in this Chocolate Sorbet is Vodka.


Sparkling Plum Sorbet 

Sparkling Plum Sorbet is made sparkly with champagne.


Brandy Butter Crème 

Perfect for your Christmas Pudding!  It can even make you feel virtuous knowing it's lighter on your waistline, but cool and delicious too.


Pina Colada

A pineapple, coconut treat.



Mint Choc-Chip

An ice cream best paired with a Chocolate Yule Log.

Chocolate Fruit n Nut

Great on its own or with Breudher.

French Vanilla

Fabulous with Christmas Pudding or a dash of a little some thing.

Strawberry or Berrylicious Sorbets

For a Berrylicious Christmas.

Spicy Gingerbread Creme

gingerbread in creamy lashings of ginger ice cream.

Mandarin Yogurt

Chill Out with a tangy frozen yoghurt


Jaggery Pudding
A milky dessert using coconut milk, sweetened
using jaggery with a trace of spice flavour.

Milk Toffee Creme
Creamy, sweet, milk toffee swirled in ice cream.

Candy Floss

Swirls of handmade caramel and a pinch of sea salt blended into 

a creamy wonder, with chunks of white chocolate.  Mmmmmm....


Christmas Cake N Creme

Taste of freshly made fruit-cake, with
the ice cream. So no need to add the cream!

Wasabi Creme

Horseradish-y taste, with a hint of sweetness to keep the heat at bay.




Selection of bespoke flavours released seasonally.

Remember to keep posted as our flavours change regulary

Seasonal & Bespoke flavours

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