Avurudu Range

Kitul Jaggery n Cardamom A milky dessert that

sweetened using kitul jaggery and treacle with a trace of
spice flavour..remniscent of Wattalpam


Banana – Toffee A vegan sherbet  blend
of banana ice cream with gooey caramel.


Avaliable at Arpico, Hyde Park Corner










Celebrate this Avudura in style with these new delicious flavours. There is a Carino Artisan Ice Cream for everyone, from the chocoholics to the 'Créme' de la Creme that like to indulge themselves with Salted Caramel to the sophisticated desert lover who likes to be 'Guilt Free'.


Happy New Year from everyone at Carino Artisan Ice Cream,

we hope you have a wonderful and blessed new year.

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Tuesday to Saturday

12 noon to 4.30pm

Areas:  Colombo 1 to 10




*Other areas to follow shortly.

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(Factory Closed Sunday & Monday)

Collection price: Rs 900/-

500ml tubs

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1 tub 500ml or 3 x 150ml tubs

CREME,- ADDICT.- CHILL OUT (elusive Frozen Yogurt range) - GUILT-FREE*

Price: Rs 990/- 500ml tub


Please do call for prices

*Terms and conditions apply. Minimum value Rs 1500/-
(*Currently not offering 150ml Guilt Free Tubs)