Chill Out

Elusive frozen yogurts made using home made dairy probiotic yoghurt instead of full-fat milk. 

There's no gelatin, suitable for vegetarians and Halal diets.

Madagascan Vanilla

Made with hints of delicious Vanilla

Lemon Cheesecake

A tangy light, lemon, homemade frozen yoghurt swirled in
a tub with a lovely cookie and praline crumble.


This beautiful Indigenous berry also, known, as lobi-lobi. 

Similar to a cherry, tangy and sour, sweet-tart. Refreshing!

German Cheese Cake (Sow your oats Breakfast Yoghurt)

Just think a frozen yoghurt for breakfast without so much guilt,
containing raisins and other goodies


Made with strawberries, mixed berries and fresh plum, blended
with delicious and good-for-you frozen yoghurt. Yum!

Plum & Earl Grey

How could fruit, tea and yoghurt be bad for you?  It can't!  Made with fresh dark plums, Earl Grey Tea and all-natural yoghurt.


Made with tangy, tantalising Mandarin oranges 


Made with strawberries,blended with delicious and
good-for-you frozen yoghurt.

Raspberry Ripple

Swirls of raspberries syrup in luscious vanilla frozen yogurt.


Creamy fresh avocados whirled into a frozen yogurt. Magic!

Passion Fruit

 Slightly sweet, cool and tasty enough to share. Made with fresh passion fruit pulp.


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